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The Open Film School Foundation offers various programs for Indian and International filmmakers and aspirants.

Our Process



Always remember in the jungle there’s a lot of them in there, after you overcome them, you will make it to paradise.

Communities across all demographics and cultures more or less revolve around the nurture of their young members. Understanding their aspirations and stories builds trust.



You see the hedges, how I got it shaped up? It’s important to shape up your hedges, it’s like getting a haircut, stay fresh.

Step into a group of young people trying to imagine ways to tell a story and we might as well have invited Pandora. There is very little an adult can come up with that’s as refreshing.



We don’t see them, we will never see them. To be successful you’ve got to work hard, to make history, simple, you’ve got to make it.

As a team, Young Filmmakers work with professionals and experts to create. The enriching journey from script to screen. A story and a filmmaker comes to life.



Look at the sunset. Surround yourself with angels, positive energy, beautiful people, beautiful souls, clean heart, angel.

Having worked on their first project, the young participants now budding Filmmakers are counselled on paths leading to a career in media and Filmmaking. A mentor assigned and future path drawn.