The Total Filmmaking Diploma

3 months intensive/weekends

April 15, 2023

The Open Film School brings to you The Total Filmmaking Diploma an intensive program that will jump-start your career. Initiate you into the art and set you on the right path to follow your passion. We proudly boast that this is the best short-format filmmaking course one can attend in India.

The Total Filmmaking Diploma is designed to create this experience over months. The world of filmmaking presents a face of glamour and wealth but beyond this face are inspired artists that are passionately pursuing their art and craft, Backed by years of learning and commitment. The Total Filmmaking Diploma will introduce you to this world and help you take your first step.
The Total Filmmaking Diploma program is designed by Alumni of NYFA, FTII and SRFTI. Award-winning and practising filmmakers will share insights and experiences that will help you to start working on your first project.

The Open Film School has been in Bangalore for the last 5 years. This course has evolved from a small workshop to a diploma. The past batches have given us a couple of award-winning films. And a couple of other filmmakers who have joined the industry as assistants or are pursuing their passion full time. The very thought of doing what you love for a living is the best motivator.

Attend a free 2 day weekend introductory workshop on Documentary Filmmaking*

Total Filmmaking : Expected learning outcomes

  • The ability to work independently and collaboratively in a high-pressure creative environment.
  • An in-depth knowledge of digital video cameras and motion picture production.
  • A working knowledge of 16mm cameras and film production.
  • The ability to write and pre-visualize a screenplay.
  • In-depth experience working as a director, producer, assistant director, director of photography, assistant cameraperson, gaffer, grip and sound mixer on student productions.
  • Knowledge of digital editing software.
  • Knowledge of film history and film studies.
  • Knowledge of aesthetic film theory and experience with practical application of the same.
  • Put into practice the fundamentals of directing and visual storytelling.
  • Explore the foundations of High Definition video production and digital editing.
  • Experience full immersion in the craft of screenwriting
  • Serve as an actor, as well as a director, cinematographer, or assistant director on at least one production workshop overseen by instructors.
  • Acquire an introductory knowledge of the history of motion pictures.
  • Write direct and edit short project digital dialogue film.
  • Crew as cinematographer, gaffer, and/or assistant camera on approximately 2 additional projects.
  • Write a complete short film screenplay with dialogue.
  • Collaborate with classmates and instructors in Production Workshop exercises filmed on HD.
  • Develop a professional comprehension of directing, screenwriting, producing, sync-sound production, digital and film cinematography, and digital editing study and exercises.
  • Continued use of collaborative strategies and techniques, while on-set, and in constructive classroom screen and critique sessions.
  • Explore the role of the producer and implement advanced production tasks.
  • Demonstrate a competency of pre- production, shooting, and editing a short narrative film.
  • Apply the fundamentals of sound design.
  • Explore the fundamental elements of visual effects and feature film story development.
  • Create professional quality producing and directing production books.
  • Direct and edit a film of up to 15 minutes.
  • Participate as a principal crew-member on fellow students’ films.

Total Filmmaking : Outline

  • How to read a film – The visual arts
  • Production process – The art of delegation
  • Writing for the films – The Rosetta stone
  • 3 Acts – A Philosopher’s idea
  • Understanding your characters – Tell me your story
  • Screenplay Structure – Write write write
  • Screenplay Format – The Blue Print
  • The Writing process
  • Story-boarding – First Visuals
  • Cinematography 1 – The Canvas
  • Cinematography 2 – Painting with light
  • Cinematography 3 – Director’s eye
  • Direction – Mise –en- Scene
  • Actors and casting for the film
  • Editing Techniques and formats – Slaying dragons
  • A career in Filmmaking – Start your first film
  • Short film projects – Writing, casting, shooting, editing and screening.

Jay Gholap
Mentor/Trainer/ Filmmaker

Alumnus New York Film Academy.  A computer engineer before he made his first documentary for SETI NASA,  He founded The Open Film School to bring film education to everyone. The Open Film School has trained more than 300 participants over 8 years. Jay Gholap also works as a script consultant, Documentary and corporate filmmaker. Previous experience includes AD to Ram Gopal Verma and corporate filmmaking.

Joydeep Mukhopadhyay
Mentor/Trainer/ Editor

Alumnus of Satyajit Ray Film and Television Institute of India. Joydip has worked on 3 feature films as an editor and Worked with Film & Television Production M.A. students of AMITY University, as a Visiting Faculty for Post Production Technique in Film Editing. 

Raghavendra Sastry
Mentor/Trainer/ Cinematographer

Completed his graduation in BFA specializing in photography and photojournalism, later worked as a photojournalist and assisted well-known cinematographers for 2 Kannada films. This also lead to studying Cinematography at the renowned film institute, SRFTI Satyajit ray film and television institute of India Kolkata.

Koregaon Park Pune

The Open Film school is located in Koregaon park socially the most vibrant part of Pune.

The lanes of Koregaon park with old British era bungalows and huge green trees on both sides attracts lots of people who visit here for morning/evening walks as well as just for hanging out. It is also a destination for art and music enthusiasts in the city with many art galleries and clubs in the vicinity.

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