Comprehensive Cinematography

Writing with motion

Writing with motion/Building a Visual World/The [Conceptual] Tools of Cinematography/Putting It All Together

Language of lenses

The Lens and the Frame/Image Control at the Lens/Perspective

Shooting High Definition

Types of Video Sensors/Shooting Formats/Digital Compression/Monitoring On the set/Video Latitude


Exposure: the Easy Way/Light As Energy/F/Stops/Exposure, ISO, and Lighting Relationships/Light Film/Densitometry/Brightness Perception/Contrast/Determining Exposure/Video Exposure/The Gray Scale/Exposure and the Camera

Image Control

Controlling Color and Contrast/LookUp Tables/Camera Filter Types/Color Temperature and Filtration/Contrast Control In Black-and-White/Controlling The Look Of Your Project/Image Control With The Camera

Cinematic methods

What Is Cinematic?/The Frame/Cinema as a Language/The Shooting Methods/Involving The Audience: POV

Visual Storytelling

Visual Metaphor/Lighting As Storytelling/Light As Visual Metaphor

Lighting Basics

The Fundamentals of Lighting/Aspects Of Light/Basic Lighting Techniques/Motivated Light/Day Exteriors

Camera Movement

Motivation and Invisible Technique/Types Of Moves/Moving Shots/Camera Mounting/The Crab Dolly/Cranes/Car Shots/Aerial Shots vs Drones/Motion Control/Other Types Of Camera Mounts/.

Technical Issues

Flicker/Filming Practical Monitors/Shooting Process Photography

Visual language

More Than Just a Picture/Forces Of Visual Organization/Miscellaneous Rules of Composition/Composing people

Cinematic Continuity

Shooting For Editing/The Prime Directive/Screen Direction/Cuttability/Six Types Of Cuts

Lighting Sources

The Tools of Lighting/Daylight Sources/Xenons/Tungsten Lights/PARs/Soft Lights/Color-Correct Fluorescents/Day Exteriors

Optics & Focus

Physical Basis Of Optics/Focus/Depth-of-field/ Macrophotography/Closeup tools/Lens Care/adapters


Color In Visual Storytelling/Light and Color/The Color Wheel/Color Models/Controlling Color/Color Balance with Gels and Filters/Correction.

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