Essential Filmmaking

The Essential Filmmaking Masterclass – 2 days intensive


Let’s just call this an introduction to the world of cinema.

Every aspiring filmmaker, long before she decided to pursue the art, has imagined or tried to imagine what the world of filmmaking would be like. What would it be like on a set? To Direct actors, to talk to actors, to converse with the Cinematographer to use their jargon. The Open Film School through this 2 day workshop will bring to you the world of cinema. We will talk about stories and how they are turned into screenplays. What does a Director do before he goes to the set? How does a casting director choose his actors? Where do we find the actors from?

How does the story-boarding artist turn your screenplay into pictures. The Production Design then creates the physical world of your film. How does the Cinematographer choose his lenses? This workshop is your first step into the world of filmmaking. Whether it is Direction, Screenwriting, Acting, Cinematography or Editing you wish to pursue.

In the process we shall develop and shoot a Scene from scratch.

Created by professionals from the New York Film Academy and Satyajit Ray Film and Television Institute, the workshop promises to be a fun and learning experience.

Fees : ₹4500 (register now for a discount)

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