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The Open Film school is located in Koregaon park socially the most vibrant part of Pune.

The lanes of Koregaon park with old British era bungalows and huge green trees on both sides attracts lots of people who visit here for morning/evening walks as well as just for hanging out.

The Osho International Meditation Resort, which earlier was Osho ashram, still attracts many visitors from abroad as well as natives who come here for meditation programs.

It is also a destination for art and music enthusiasts in the city with many art galleries and clubs in the vicinity.

The Director’s Actor is a 4 month diploma and internship program designed to give the aspiring actor a thorough exposure to the art an craft of acting. An opportunity to showcase talent in a live production is what makes this our flagship program in acting.

The program will be conducted in Pune. Since the inception of the Film and Television Institute of India (FTII), Pune has been the home of film studies and film art for over 50 years. With its proximity to the Mumbai film industry (Bollywood) Pune has always made a major contribution to Indian cinema.

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What You’ll Learn:

Preparing for the Journey : This is the first time many come face-to-face with the camera lens, delve into text analysis, create an improvised project, dance, breathe as a performer, and learn to work as part of an ensemble.

Acting-Ready and Responsible: Along with the discovery that students themselves are the most important part of every character they play, this class focuses on building self-awareness through trust and play exercises. Instructors stress honesty in engaging and committing to others. Students discover the difference that thorough text analysis makes to their work and also participate in improvisation and partnering exercises. They explore the basic acting skills and tools, learn the actor’s vocabulary, and begin to assume responsibility for their creative growth.

Camera – Objective in Performance: Students learn that authenticity in pursuit of scene objectives is the key to success when acting for the camera. Relaxation and spontaneity of body and voice are as essential to a film set as any technical demands. Students have the opportunity to enhance these abilities through improvisation and filmed exercises that are reviewed in class. They also practice the technical demands of a professional film set and gain hands-on training with equipment as well as set safety, protocol, and etiquette. The on-camera improvisations also supplement and improve students’ text analysis skills. This course culminates with a transition to teleplays exploring classic single-camera shooting and the actor’s relationship to the camera.

Performance Studies 1 :Great acting involves the successful evaluation of dynamics and finesse in performance. The craft of an actor begins and is sustained through being an engaged audience member. You will learn how to appreciate, dissect, evaluate and discuss the work of actors and filmmakers at the top of their field. You will participate in group viewings and discussion of a selection of specially curated film and television classics, oddities and art, and prepare for each session by researching elements of each film and/or acting performance; readying yourself for the passionate discussion following each viewing.

Speech – The Basics : Students engage with the basics of speech and phonation; the mechanical movements required for sound creation. They explore, anatomy, vowels, consonants, operative words, and learn the International Phonetic Alphabet symbols. Along with practising articulation, energy, and support for sound, they also learn the muscularity of the spoken word and the power of language.

Voice – Breath, Body, Voice: To be able to be expressive and present as an actor, students need to be in a healthy and exciting relationship with themselves, especially their voice. This course is the first step in students’ journeys towards developing the courage and trust necessary to risk exploring a new relationship with their instruments, to support self-discovery in moving beyond existing physical and vocal habits, patterns, preconceived beliefs, and fears that may prevent them from reaching acting goals in this industry.

Improvisation – Character and Spontaneity :Those who can improvise well are the most valued actors on any set. The improvising actor makes discoveries whereby non-improvising actors may struggle. Through a series of exercises, conducted in pairs and groups, students explore the building blocks of character, as well as complementary actions and reactions. They learn how to use physical punctuation to create an interesting performance.

Audition technique – Getting the part : When you finally get an audition call, it all comes down to the audition, your few minutes to showcase your talent and make an impression. while auditions can mean a lost or gained project for an actor, it’s an even bigger responsibility for the director. We discuss the various aspects of auditioning.

The Lab – Introduction, Dubbing, Showreel : The various experiments will now culminate into creating a showreel. Under the direction and supervision of professional directors. A showreel will be produced. The same will also be dubbed in a studio setup. Studio Dubbing 60s
Introduction video 30s
Acting showreel close-up 60s
Acting showreel mid-shot 60s

Promoting – Put yourself out there: An actor represents himself when it comes to the business of acting. You are the face of your business. Your appearance, your grooming, and the way you carry yourself creates an impression on whoever wants to employ you in the business of cinema. while your work should speak for itself, how you promote yourself will play a very vital role in your career and success.

Internship* – Opportunity: The highlight of this program is an opportunity to intern on the pilot of a series. While this is subject to role requirements the program will enable you to have a fair opportunity for the project.

The course fee is ₹65,000. You can register at the link provided by making a payment of ₹5000. Please call us at 7483020260 before registering.

Mentoring Program

Do you want help to show you how to get to the next level in your acting career because you haven’t a clue what you need to do next

Do you struggle to work out your casting type?

Do you need help understanding how to market yourself?

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The Open Film School has integrated the production of a series pilot into the Director’s Actor Diploma Program. This facilitates better learning as the participant gets a readily available platform to experiment and apply their newly acquired knowledge of Acting. This happens under the guidance of industry professionals and becomes the most important feature of the Program.

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